Staying healthy

When you're pregnant or have little ones, staying healthy is super important for you and your family. I'm busy looking at implications and plans for coronavirus and ways to help you stay as healthy as possible.

'coronavirus' Fruit, vegetables and a stethoscope. Atricle on staying healthy in pregnancy and with a new baby.

Firstly, I am not a medical professional and if you have real concerns, someone who is should be your first port of call... The latest NHS info is available through this link. Dial 111 for advice or 999 for an emergency.

It's recommended that if you've travelled to any of the areas listed on the government's current update, that you self isolate regardless of whether you have symptoms.

It's all about taking care of ourselves and others in our wider communities. I want you to feel safe in classes and will do all I can to help.

'The UK Chief Medical Officers have raised the risk to the public from low to moderate.'

(5th March 2020)


The main advice currently is around hygiene. Kids are being advised to wash their hands before going to school, so let's think of the studio as a little school and consider doing the same. Soap and water is the best defense against all kinds of germs.


How you feel about partner work or giving/receiving massage in class might change. These have always been a wonderful part of classes, helping people to bond and connect. They are by no mean essential and you get to choose what you do and don't do in class. You will not be judged by your choices here.

Touch has been shown to boost immunity, so there are potential upsides too, but like everything, it's about weighing up the benefits and risks and making informed decision. We'll keep up to date and you can decided week by week what you feel is best.

There's an alcohol-based lavender hand sanitizer now available in class for you to use too.

Yoga mats laid out in a yoga studio

On the mat.

There's anti bacterial spray in the studio, please use it to wipe down your mat at the start and end of the class. Cloths are fresh each session.

We are lucky that my little micro-studio here in Frome has much less traffic than other places, and the majority of people coming through are also pregnant or postnatal so will be taking similar careful precautions. I'm still deciding about options with blankets and am open to feedback on what you all feel is best. BYO or use what's here.


Currently bookings will go ahead as normal.

Again, it's helpful if you can be extra vigilant when washing your hands and feel free to use the hand sanitizer here. It is best if you can shower before coming to your massage to help reduce the risks for everyone.

I'll be keeping my eye on official updates and recommendations and will update anyone booked in if things changes.

If you feel ill, stay home, rest well, keep hydrated and put your tissues in the bin!


If you feel ill with a cough or fever especially, please don't come to class.

Taking care of yourself with rest, fluids and good food is going to help you get back to health soonest and will help prevent things spreading.

*NB - put your tissues in the bin straight away, don't be this dude!

I'm only human, so there may be times when I (or my family) get ill. I will err on the side of caution with coughs and fevers, in the same way I do with sickness bugs in the house. Let's not share those.

Woman logging into an online pregnancy yoga class from home.

Online pregnancy and postnatal classes.

If you or I are being cautious but are well, I will run our class online. There's amazing software so we can meet live, move together and all chat. You'll need you mat, blankets, pillow/cushions and a little bit of wall space. Grab a cup of herbal tea and be cosy.

Movement, connection and relaxation are good for you.

Best bit is you can just roll into bed after savasana!

motherslove pregnancy classes online

Interested in online classes anyway?

Regardless of illness and hygiene factors, sometimes it's just nice to be in your own space (I'm looking at you, introverts) or maybe you live far away from class or find it hard to get out dues to pelvic pain, access requirements or other complications.

I'm up for adding an online class to my schedule if there's demand. Please send me a message and let me know you're interested and the ideal time for you.

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